Tax-Exempt Bonding

In 2012, Utah became the second state in the Union to pass legislation that allows charter schools to issue “AA” rated bonds using the State’s moral obligation rating. Verapath – particularly Clint Biesinger, worked closely with Utah legislators, the Utah State Treasurer’s office, the UAPCS, and local attorney’s to create, design and pass the State’s Charter Enhancement Program. This program has helped Utah charter schools save millions of dollars by issuing bonds with the State of Utah’s “AA” moral obligation rating.

If you are a charter school and looking to purchase, expand, or refinance your building, we can help you. As a municipal advisor in this specialized area of finance, we have the expertise to help you lower your costs of issuance, obtain fair debt covenants, and obtain the lowest possible interest rate. Let us be your partner and advocate in this process!


A list of schools we’ve helped in the past.

American Leadership Academy
Lakeview Academy
Utah Charter Academies
Early Light Academy
Good Foundations Academy
Venture Academy
Hawthorn Academy
Entheos Academy