The mission of our 401(K) plan is to help businesses feel appreciated and employees feel valued.

We’ve all heard someone say in passing that they would never leave their current employer because “the benefits are soooo good!” We’ve even heard these sentiments expressed while the person explains that they could make more money elsewhere. Offering excellent benefits help employees feel valued; valued employees appreciate their companies; and appreciated companies tend to attract and retain talented employees.

To achieve this level of appreciation, companies must partner with benefits providers that care about the company’s employees as much as they do. That’s where we come in. Our passion is helping people retire as comfortably as they can. We do this by providing the tools and education they’ll need to get there. Read on to see why companies love our 401(K) plan:”

Why Companies Love our 401(k) Plan:

  • Unbundled” plan structure
  • Greater Fee Transparency
  • Lower overall costs
  • Reduced fiduciary risk
  • Professional investment partner
  • Deeper investment meetings
  • Quarterly reports and market update video
We have appreciated our relationship with Verapath Global for our company’s 401k plan. They have made the process easy and understandable for our employees. We also appreciate the quarterly updates they provide us. It gives us a great understanding about what’s going on in the economy and helps ease our employees’ minds when there are hiccups that need to be addressed. The Verapath employees are very knowledgeable and provide great customer service. They are a great partner!
Spencer Park
Vice President, Human Resources / DFCU
The Utah Association of Public Charter Schools partners with Verapath Global Investing on our association's 401k program. It has been a pleasure to work with such experienced individuals in the development and implementation of a robust high quality plan. I have been impressed with their product knowledge and expertise and top notch customer service. This partnership brings real sustainable retirement choices and options to our participating charter school members that otherwise would not be available to them.
Tina Smith
Chief Operations Officer / UAPCS

Why Employees Love our 401(k) Plan: